Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motivation Letter For Culinary School 2011


According Wikipedia , a survey of 2009 tells us that 23% of world population practicing Muslim (or Islam for friends). This figure would put it in second place, behind Christianity that adding various current-Catholicism, Protestantism, etc. .- accumulate between 29 and 32% of the population. A follow

the last 40 years by the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Christian religion, for clarify the possible biased nature of the report) revealed that Islam is the second religion in terms of annual population growth, but first in terms of percentage growth. Namely: Christianity has 25 million annually to 22 new members of Islam, but Islam this figure would mean an annual growth rate 1.48% against 1.36% annual Christianity. This trend continues, within a period not widespread Islam could reach more than in adhering to Christianity.

Islam as a religion is a block more "militant", as it somehow, and that its adherents practice religion with a devotion that is not seen as largely within Christianity. Put in simpler terms: I am baptized and am culturally Christian, but ... You can see my commitment to the faith. My case is not unique. In that sense, Islam is growing and Christianity is in decline .

Given these data, we can imagine that a red light comes on in the dashboard of Christianity. And considering that the vast majority of global arms power is concentrated in the hands of power elites whose communicants or practitioner with Christianity, Judaism or atheism which is ethical sediment Western Judeo-Christian roots, This Means troubles. Now understand the eternal conflict with the Middle East?


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